Catering Menus

A choice of menus for any occasion

Our menus follow the seasons. In summer, our grilled meats accompanied by a variety of market-fresh salads are extremely popular. In fall, it’s time for wild game, oysters and other seasonal events. Come winter, braised meats and traditional holiday fare take centre stage while in spring the sugaring-off events mark the beginning of a new cycle.

All our dishes are available year-round and in keeping with your expectations, even exceeding them, because we like a challenge. Looking for a customized menu? We’re open to all requests, subject to seasonal availability.

Our set menus have been developed based on what our clients have asked for. But our fare is constantly evolving to reflect changing tastes and culinary trends. We thank our customers for partnering with us in this regard.

Mechoui A

Looking for an easy event. Let us prepare the menu from start to finish. Just order your buffet and let us do the rest.

Mechoui B

Choose the popular pork-chicken combo, or beef, lamb or salmon.

Mechoui C

Steak or roast beef along with a choice of four salads always hits the spot at any summer celebration.

Mechoui take out

Serve your guests a delicious ready-to-serve méchoui. All you’ve got to do is warm it up and enjoy!

A la carte menu with table service

For weddings, fundraisers, business meetings or any occasion worth celebrating with a memorable meal. Your guests will be delighted!

Budget menu

Want an economical event? Choose one of our affordable menus.

Cocktail receptions

Our appetizers are prepared with great care to delight your guests. Ask about our offerings that are in keeping of all the latest culinary trends.

Sandwich corner

Holding a meeting? A party? Any kind of event? Let us take care of it with buffet service of to take out.

Canteen menu

Want a quick bite? Treat your friends, employees or business partners with a great-tasting snack. Count on us!

Holiday menu

Reserve our traditional dishes to fully enjoy the holidays. Our kitchen is famous for its wonderful dishes served in very generous portions.

Sugaring-off menu

This traditional menu is a sugar-shack classic. Our sumptuous table is famous throughout the Montérégie. We’re waiting for you!


Want a great way to celebrate lobster season? Take a look at our tasty menu!

Oyster party

When oysters are in season, we’re shucking, so you can slurp this seafood delight in all its variations.


Wild game menu

You don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy our bison with port and blueberry sauce, our duck à l’orange, our wapiti and wild boar charcuterie. Enjoy our wild game when the season comes.

Spaghetti menu

A fundraiser? A volunteer appreciation event? Who doesn’t like spaghetti? It’s sure to be a hit with young and old alike!